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Alcohol repellent for PP nonwoven


?AG-E600 Provides an excellent alcohol repellency for polypropylene nonwoven(ex.PP-SMS,PPSMMS).

?AG-E600 has excellent compatibility with auxiliary agents.

?AG-E600 makes the amount of anti-static agent low.

?AG-E600 is an Alkylphenolethyoxylate(APEO) free product.

?AG-E600 does not contain perfluorooctannoic acid(PFOA),*longer chain length-perfluorocarboxylic acids(PFCAs) or their precursors.(At or above detection limit)[*longer chain length; Carbon number>8]

Physical properties

?Appearance:     Milky white emulsion

?pH:           Acidic

?Specific gravity: 1.1 @20degC:

?Solid content:   25%

?Ionic charge:    Amphoteric

?Solubility:      Easily diluted in water


?AG-E600 is normally applied to padding method.

?The standard concentration is as follows.

(The concentration differs based on fiber material and the purpose.)

AG-E600       10-50 g/L

Anti-static agent  1-10 g/L

Penetrate agent   1-10 g/L

?Standard processing conditions:

       Drying condition:125to 135degC,for 1 to 4 minutes.

       (The conditions may differ based on the texture of the fabric and wet-pickup rate)

Example of use

?Finishing method, conditions:Padding method: 1 dip 1 nip Squeezing pressure: 0.4MPa

Drying: 125degC,for 360 seconds.

?Sample of fabrics:         PP-SMS=Wet pickup 170%      




?Bath composition:         AG-E600       16 g/L

                           Anti-static agent  4 g/L

                Penetrate agent   6 g/L


?Evaluation method:        Alcohol repellency:  WSP 80.8(Isopropyl alcohol)

Oil repellency:   AATCC-118

Water resistance:   WSP 80.6

Surface resistivity:  WSP 40.1

?Evaluation results:

                     Table: The performance of AG-E600 for PP nonwoven




Alcohol repellency



Oil repellency



Water resistance(mmH2O)



Surface resistivity (G ohm)




Figure The anti-static performance of AG-E600 and competitor product for PP nonwoven



Precautions for handling

?When handling, wear appropriate personal protective equipment. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing.

?Do not breathe vapors or mist. Use only with adequate ventilation.

?Store product in an air-tight container at a temperature between 5 to 35degC. Keep the containers out of the direct sunlight. Freezing or storing the product for a long period at a high temperature may result in deterioration of product quality.

?Stir well before using.

?The purpose of this technical brochure is to provide information that will be useful to customers. It does not guarantee the product performance.

?Statements or suggestion regarding the use of these products are made without representation or warranty that any such use is free of patent infringement and are not recommendations to infringe any patent. The user should not assume that all safety measures are indicated.

?See the Material Safety Data Sheet for further details regarding safe use of this product.

Precautions for use

?In general, A fluorinated finishing agent has deeper color effects. Confirmation of the color tone is recommended.

?AG-E600 can be used in combination with other additives. Water/Oil repellency should be reconfirmed after each component is added to the mixture. In case of mixing additives into the solution, dilute each additive at least by 30 to 50%.

?Dilute AG-E600 with water below 40degC. Keep the solution temperature below 40degC.

?Adjust the pH of the solution to be slightly acidic below 7. The performance of AG-E600 may be affected by the following bath condition: strong acidity and alkalinity.

?The mixed solution must be used immediately after its mixing process.